We all have problems. We all are experiencing an unusual and new situation. A negative, dire situation. Problems, crises, contagions drama and nonsense surrounds us everywhere. This is all real. But there are also other things that may be we are forgetting.

Although everything continues, somehow, everything has stopped. It is as if humanity has stopped and put itself in expectation mode. Fear is sometimes a natural consequence, but it should not be paralyzed.

Because why and what for stop. Why and what for be on the lookout. Fear is an energy theft. Why and what for let someone steal from you.

We have to keep going.

Progress cannot stop.

Peace and equality cannot stop.

Respect for mental and physical health cannot stop.

Let´s keep building





What should not stop, shouldn´t stop anyone or anything. Be. Live. Continue thinking and having faith. And everyone know what to do when you receive a wonderful gift.

We have to thank it.

To be grateful is not to remain immobile.

It is not to accept everything as if what is happening is not happening.

It´s not being conformist.

Not mediocre.

Nor feel only the positive.

Nor stop being who you are.

To be grateful is to realize and smile at life.

Is to open the door to Hope.

It´s closing the door to fear and waiting.

It´s opening the mind to the posible, daring to think, to be and to live.

It´s being aware and learning.

It´s to realice that today the sun has risen again and that the moon is still beautiful. And that there are two eyes that reflect our own soul and that nothing can´t steal our joy, Peace, cooperation, knowledge and the eternal capacity to thank.

That everything and everyone count. And that each soul knows what it want to be grateful for today.

Thank you for reading. I hope it was inspiring. Have a nice week😄😎🍹

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