Positivity is the start of Peace

When there is a crisis, the preparation and the quality of the vital and existential approach that each human being has, comes out. You can see what is the primary attitude to life and what do the person to face problems.

It is easy to be positive when there are no obstacles, but not that much when you have to face situations as persistent and complex as the current one. I would award the medal of merit to all of humanity, minus the unconscious minority. Because the effort, the time the intelligence and ability invested in making everything go ahead given the circumstances, is commendable.

The mayority of people are making a big effort

Now as a psychologist, I am concerned not only with the pshysical state of health, but also and above all, the mental and emotional. That is to say, how are really feeling the mayority of people, which are making the improper effort to move everything forward. And this is where the term positivity appears, not so much as a social mask, but in relation to the authenticity of the true feelings that each one has.

It´s how people really feel inside what matters

There was already talk of positivity in Acient Rome. Now, more in relation to a necessary civilized mood than to the psychological aspect of the term. Thus, a positive mood was better seen by others to develop joint ideas and projects. And since then, the term has bee impregnated with the double meaning of civilization – being civilized- and the psychological one of positivity – being positive- It´s the second meaning that I refer to in the article.

In Acient Rome positivity was a civilized mood (Photo of Javier Sanz)

From the perspective of Cognitive Psychology, being positive means having the ability to focus attention on the potentially constructive of a given circumstance, person or people, or vital junctures. From transactional psychology, it is what allows accepting the Self, life, creating, enjoying, trusting, having illusion and taking action.

Positivity is to focus on the potentially constructive and have the illusion to take action

A crucial point is to understand that being positive is not a state, but a process. So it´s not something that can be changed with a clikc, like when you flip the light switch. It is not a binary ON-OFF action. Rather, it works like the station search or volume wheel of an analog radio. That is, as a continuum made up of many intermediate steps. So if one does not have adequate self-awareness, can easily go from one extreme to another without realizing it.

To be positive its not a state, but a process that works like the station search or volumen of an analog radio

There is also confusion about what it is to be positive and not being positive, as well as what are the kind of steps to take to go in one direction or another. So in this article, we are going to define both processes and give five keys to know if what you do in your daily, is directing the internal emotional wheel towards the positive or the negative.

Go for it.

Being positive is not:

-Assume everything and keep going on.

-Trust that problems will solve themselves.

-Assume that everyone has good intentions or integrity.

-Have faith in tomorrow.

-To complain.

-React or resist the event that is occurring.

Being positive is:

-Know how to value something or someone critically.

– Take action when an obstacle appears.

-Understand that human beings are not always reliable, because all of us react from emotions that sometimes can harm others.

-Trust and resolve today.

-Value people and situations constructively.

-Accept what happens but in a constructive way.

In short, being positive is a question of mental health that is synthesized in a capacity that ends up being automated by use. The ability to focus attention on the constructiveness of an event, rather than on its negative or potentially harmful side.

Now let´s look at five tips to redirect the mind an emotions toward healthy.


Make decisions that do not put the mental and physical health of anyone at risk


Select who you trust and who you don´t.


Live the present moment.


Face problem solving from a learning approach.


Carry out properly the processes of identification and cleaning of the negative, letting it go.

Positivity is the origin of life, success, and development of both the individual and society. Try to remember this the next time.

In the meantime, remember that there is no personal situation, age or circumstances that prevent you from being positive. Of course, you have to have a lot of courage and patience, the situation requires it. But keep it positive.

There is no personal situatio, age or circumstances that prevent you from being positive.

Thank you for Reading. Yo can contact with me by here o by private. Hope your having a nice Sunday😀🍹

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