If you don´t change you can´t create

The famous playwright Oscar Wilde used to say to whom he had removed from his life: «Excuse me, I didn´t recognize you, I have changed a lot».

The point is that creativity comes from change. What remains is not stronger if it´s not authentic.

Likewise, the human being never knows who is going to be in the long or not that long term. However, deep self-awareness is much less manipulative than someone giving all of their thoughts to someone else.

Having self-awareness is what allows the human being not to be at the mercy of information or actions of more or less well intentioned ones. The reason is because the more self-consciousness, the more interested in knowledge, research and Truth. Not a successor that someone could put in the bowl of someone else´s knowledge.

Are you able to investigate the truth by yourself or do you need the interpretation of someone else

When the individual wants to know what is happening around and have a conscious life, he makes an effort to have a scientific mind. So as to say, an inquisitive mind whose questions are not stopped by the limits that someone else could set. On the contrary, knowing is an instinct that is not satisfied except when, in fact, this knowledge finally takes place.

The tide of opinions, sometimes sharpened by the interests of third persons, which move invisible threads of silk. Their activity displaces the thoughts, ideas and reasoning of the majority. But it does not have so much influence on the subject who has acquired a high level os self-awareness. The fact is, that the human being that has internalized the need for change and thinks for himself, make reasonings to create, not to replicate what is already widely accepted.

When you Think by yourself, you don´t do it to replicate, but to Create

The human capacity to create comes from the kind of independent thinking that does not settle for what might be fashionable. That is to say, it does not take the crumbs of those who interpret what does not always reveal the truth. On the contrary, from the continued effort to learn and become more objective, the mind ends up reaching a high level of reality that no one can take away from it.

Today is Monday. A new day. A new week. And just three weeks ago, September started. A month of start and renewal par excellence. Because this year it shouldn´t be like that. What is the limit between what you really think and what is correct to think.

Finding out the reasons for what happens should not be left to anyone else. The human being must dare to think for himself. And to do something that although it is not forbidden to anyone, almost no one does. That is, to create.

Dare to create your own Monday

Your week.

Your month.

Your year.

Dare to create your own life.

You can progress. You can help others, trust someone, feel good about your daily effort and work, and have the thought you want. But you can never stop thinking. You can never stop creating.

So think about it. What are you going to create today.

What are you going to create today

Thank you for Reading.

Hope this is going to be a good an Creative week!😄☕✨

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