Hikaru´s White Fairy. A healing tale for adults.

Hikaru is the Soul of Light (San Miguel Gómez, 2020)

In the times in which we live, it´s not a good idea to neglect our mental health. It must be remembered that it is not a good companion for tension or direct or indirect violence. However it seems that today you have to position yourself and fight over everything. The Truth is that violence is just an Ego trap, is something that never help to solve anything, but complicates the game even more.

The healthier thing to do is to build toguether a climate of Harmony and Peace, where everyone could contribute their best, based on their intelligence, knowledge and abilities. A place where the human being can develop and Live. And where the present is resolved and one can create a mor promising Future.

My contribution today to that Peaceful and Civilized Climate is my Fantastic Story called «Hikaru». I also want to tell you that the pictures have been made by Guillermo San Miguel Gómez, an artist full of talent and sensitive fantasy, and even a better person. You can find below, his direction in case you want to contact him.

That said, my story begins.

» Hikaru is not a feminine or masculine name, but the name of the Soul of Light.

This Soul is shy, restless and reserved. In fact, it looks like a distant and haughty Moon, but in reality, it hides its treasures behind a shell.

It´s a hypersensitive and real Soul, who always turnes away and rejects overflowing manifestations, artifice or superficiality.

She loves Freedom.

He is Freedom.

And for this Soul, the only continuous thing is Change.

What a great Beauty Hikaru achieves, when she unfolds in all his splendor. How much ignorance there is in those who do not know how to see her, appreciate her and allow her to Be. And how much pain can be generated in this beautiful Soul.

But in the end, Light always shines, especially when is surrounded by Darkness.

Light always Shines, but mostlyl in the Dark

´When you Learn to keep Fighting for your own Goals,

not only without Success,

but above all, without Hope,

the Dream comes True.

Because is then and don´t before, when the Soul has already been Transformed in what she really is´


Each human being has a unique Essence that no one else can perceive, unless it is externalized. And sometimes, silence is the door that connects that mascarade with the inmensity of the person that is behind it. Above all, when that wonderful interior has not been treated with the due Love, Respect and Dignity.

What the Closed Doors Hides (San Miguel López, 2020)

When I was a little kid, my parents´teahings resolved around self-demanding and comparing with my two brothers, Alex the oldest, and Cleo, the youngest. The two of them are not bad people, but they both live in a world that I definitely don´t belong to.

My name is Hikaru and I am the loose cannon for my family. So, when my mother passed away, I already considered myself a real orphan. Actually, I´ve always felt this way. And although I can´t already remember all the reasons, at that funeral I had the deep feeling that my son and I were part of one block, and my brothers and their families were part of other block.

The Chaos of Violence (San Martín Gómez, 2020)

I had always been living in a darkness, because I was never Me. I was never happy with my life. My parents always said that I was the «eternal unsatisfied», and then smiled. But it was not a smile of pride, but of a certain mockery and contempt. So that smirk ended up being the starting signal for all my tantrums. Then I also earned the nickname of «exaggerated».

But my real name is Hikaru, daughter of a Heart of Light.

The nicknames and the smirk with which I was treated soon spread to my two brothers and the rest of the family. Whatever I did or say, what interpreted from the framework that I was an «eternal dissatisfied», «fickle», «exaggerated», and so on. The hostile environment soon reflected on my grades, which had always been much better than my brothers´. I could resist until my twelves, which was when I failed emotionally and all of my grades plummeted. Then, I became «lazy», «ungrateful» and «useless».

But I was nothing of the kind. I was just exhausted from fighting against everything and everyone.

The Truth is that I never liked my parents, and my teachers did not have much steem for me, almost since I was twelve. So even in school, my two brothers were better than me at everything. Only one teacher dared to confront my mother, and reproach her that she was suffocating me, don´t letting me be Me, and that I was very intelligent and my talent was being wasted. I remember that my mother listened to her undaunted and at home, very serious, she made fun of my teachers´words of encouragement towards me. She told me not to believe anything that that teacher has said, and soon my father and my two brothers joing in the teasing.

That same night I failed down dept. I no longer knew how to breathe so as not to disturb them. I remember that I felt asleep in great sadness and that I woke up with a start at dawn.

It was cold, and raining and my bedroom window had been opened. This was weird because the windows had just been put in in the whole house. I got up to close it and then I felt a chill down my spine, as if someone was there too.

It seemed someone was there too (San Miguel Gómez, 2020)

I remembre that then I got scared and ran back to bed, trying to convice myself that it had been just a dream. But the sensation that someone was close to me was too real. I gulped and turned the light on several times, but nothing. There was no one there.

Then suddenly I felt a great relief from my anguish, as if tender arms were hugging me. And I don´t know why, the images of two old people, my maternal grandmother and grandfather, came to my memory. They had sometimes come to wait for me after school when I was very little, smiling at me, and to give me candy and nice words.

I remember that once my mother couldn´t take them anymore, she scolded me in the middle of the street, and my grandparents never went to saw me again.

The rest, until the day of my mother´s funeral, it was like having been living in the dark, in a life that was not mine, that did not belong to me.

It was then when I realized that all my efforts to adapt to the life that my parents and mhy brother had, had always been useless. They never showed interest in knowing who I was, or respecting me. The also didn´t want me to belong to them, and I simply never felt withing their circle. So I should never have tried anything except being Me, and find my own way.

And it was on that sad day, when the feeling of being outside became so deep that it burned. And, I walked away with my little son, crammend into his little suit and chutching my hand with his head down, that I felt a familiar refreshing breeze nearby. It was like a protective energy that I then realized has been always there, with me.

They were my maternal grandmother and grandfather, whom my mother had brutally pushed away from us. I had only have seen them a few times, but that has been enough to feel that an energy more similar tomine, finally had found me and integrated me.

I had the true feeling that my maternal grandparents could at last, rescue me.

Then, my son and I got into our car, and then I realized that I didn´t have to go to the banquet with that family who was no longer mine. Nothing joined me to them anymore. In fact, nothing had ever really linked me to them. All of my efforts, during all those years, trying very hard to be who I am not, had not been of any use, except to receive more scorn and humiliation.

Thinking in those terms, then I remember that I started the car, and wishing those people the best from the heart, I set course, together with my son, to my new life.

The houses, the streets, the few cars that circulated, were taking on another meaning. There was no more fear, no rancor, no more doubts. Finally, the light of my grandparents was able to rescue me. So I was going to conquer, at last, everything that belonged to me.

I was going to get my Freedom, to Be and honor who I am, to make decisions for myself, to always choose to build. And never to have to agree with the unreasonable, and support the despicable ever again. At last, I was going to be Me.

I remember looking in the rearview mirror at my son. He was in the back seat, grinning and absentmindedly playing with a toy car. Neither children nor adults can develop, learn or improve in an environment of demands, designs marked by irresponsible and ignorant people, nor authoritarianism.

The Ideas of Creative Genius need a peaceful and stimulant enviroment (San Martín Gómez, 2020)

Our children deserve a better world. They are pure, white Souls. And unpainted canvas. They deserve a great presente and a better Future. A place where they can be and become who they are in all their fullness. A place where their talents and potential are supported, and not beaten into who they are not. A place where they can grow up healthy and strong and being happy. In sum, they need a place where at last, the Darkness could be annulled by the Light.

Children need Peace and Harmony to Develop (San Martín Gómez, 2020)

I looked forward again and there it was. The precious path that would lead us to a wonderful Future. Then, I remembered myself smiling too, and that we began to sing. The trip was going to be long and complex, but we had talent, enthusiasm, and a great Proyect. And above all, the sweet Lighty of my maternal grandparents who loved us so much, and which was what led us to the wonderful things that happened afterwards».

Laugn, Live and Dream Big. Your Present is your Future (San Martín Gómez, 2020)

And here my story ends. I hope it was refreshing an inspiring. Remember that no matter what, you can always get out, ask for help, and believe strong in You and in your Dream.

You can contact me to talk about this article or whatever you want to talk, below this blog or by mail.

You can also contact with the drawing artist, Guillermo San Miguel Gómez by his Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itogsm/.

Have a nice Monday of El Pilar, The Day of Hispanidad and Armed Forces, and a nice week. Take care! 😄☕✨

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