When there is a crisis, the preparation and the quality of the vital and existential approach that each human being has, comes out. You can see what is the primary attitude to life and what do the person to face problems. It is easy to be positive when there are no obstacles, but not that … More POSITIVITY


We all have problems. We all are experiencing an unusual and new situation. A negative, dire situation. Problems, crises, contagions drama and nonsense surrounds us everywhere. This is all real. But there are also other things that may be we are forgetting. Although everything continues, somehow, everything has stopped. It is as if humanity has … More GRATITUDE


Before it all started, everything seemed to fall into place.   Our lives were made up of pieces embedded in a perfect puzzle.    The most authentic and vibrant emotions were part of our reality.    Our lives were part of the Whole that finally had opened to welcome us.     Relations between us were … More INNER CRISIS